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The starting number may not be modified, so the sponsornames aren´t visible, for example folded or clipped.

Value for T-shirt and tights is 495 Danish kroners.

-and of course we continue with our usual high standard offering: -chip timing, brutto-and netto-times as well as intervals, -personal name on your startnumber, -phone-message service of your time, catering, -5 refreshment-depots during the route, changing- and shower facilities, -bagstorage, sports-fair, traffic-free route, live-streaming during the race, -pacesetters, big screens in starting and finishing-area –also for the spetators to view the race, bands playing and events along the route A race, where the route, the service and our experience is making it one of the absolute best and most spectaculer in Denmark.

The max three-hour limit is made visible by two bike-riders.

A bus will drive after the last participants to pick up people, who wants it.

-in connection with your signing up we draw lots for a total of 3000 pairs of short tights with logo for Lillebaelt Half Marathon.

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