Wiener dating single plattform Koblenz

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Ian suggests that they bring their clones, but Anthony remembered that it ended badly last time, in which the clones appeared to be dead.

A waiter asks the two for free wiener, but Anthony points out the groupon works if they have a date, which gives Ian an idea.

Ian and Anthony decide to put wigs on their dead clones and use them as their dates so they can get their hot dogs. / I'M A PIRATE (True Story 3) / POKEMON IN REAL LIFE!

Anthony tries to hold back his laughter, but Ian says that she looked better online. / MY BATHROOM SECRET / If The Internet Was Real / I'M NOT RACIST!!! / HOW TO COVER UP A MURDER / Food Battle 2011 / The Internet For Dummies / THE DITTO - Movie Trailer / XTREME SLEEPOVER!

Ian's Date tries to play along, but Ian tries to push her away when she tries to kiss him. / The Harry Potter Pill / MY GRANDPA'S DIRTY SECRET / If Movies Were Real 2 / First Person Shooters Suck!

He says in the video that a person will get a girl on the website or he'll allow them to marry his supple wife which made her worry.

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