Tettnanger single hop

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Tettnanger can impart fruity or citrusy aromas, but these are mild and do not resemble the intense grapefruit aroma found in some American hops.They are also sometimes described as imparting herbal and earthy qualities.

Tettnanger single hop-69

They are very similar to, if not identical with, the Czech landrace variety Saaz.

Tettnanger and Saaz have a very similar essential oil profile and similar concentrations of both alpha-acids and beta-acids. Tettnanger is probably also closely related to the varieties Spalt and Hallertau.

Saaz and Spalt are both quite similar to Tettnanger. These hops have high concentrations of the distinctive essential oil Farnesene – found only in trace amounts in most hop varieties.

Hallertau could be substituted for Tettnanger in some cases, but Hallertau is much lower in Farnesene content.

Due to its similarity with both Saaz and Spalter, Tettnanger is considered a Saazer-form hop or a member of the Saaz group.

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