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He was also the chairman of his party's parliamentary group.Kretschmann was elected on by the combined Green-SPD majority in the Landtag to succeed Stefan Mappus as Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg, becoming the first ever Green Minister-President of any German state.

In 1944, he became Minister of Labour and National Solidarity in Pierre Laval's government in Vichy, before escaping to the Sigmaringen enclave along with Vichy officials after the Allied landings in Normandy.

Condemned in absentia for collaborationism, he died while still in hiding in Italy.

His business-friendly approach to policy has caused him to clash with his party on more than one occasion.

While he shared his party’s official position of favoring an alliance with the SPD after the 2013 federal elections, he repeatedly criticized its campaign.

In 2002, he was again elected chairman of his party's parliamentary group.

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