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Though Jeremy was warned of this deceit, he was still faithful in Kimmi's loyalty to him and she passionately feigned her allegiance.At that night's Tribal Council, the three of them voted against Jeremy due to Spencer's immunity, and Spencer, Jeremy, and Tasha voted against Wentworth.

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Kappenberg describes herself as spontaneous, outgoing and creative.

Her favorite hobbies are photography, gardening, and reading.

Born and raised in East Setauket, Long Island, Kappenberg currently resides in Ronkonkoma, Long Island.

Currently single, she lives with her cat, Abbi, while her other three cats, Bart, Sasha and Meow, and her twin Shih Tzu dogs, Till and Fieval, live with her parents. Season: Survivor: The Australian Outback Previous Finish: 12th place What will you do differently this time around? I would rather have a bad alliance than no alliance.

At their first Tribal Council, the friction between Kimmi and Debb was a factor in Kimmi taking part in the unanimous elimination of Debb, though after the votes were read she cried.

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