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Speaker: Peter Neubauer (Mapillary AB) This talk is going to give an overview of the different data endpoints of Mapillary, for example images, object detections (e.g. We will look at different integrations like Open Street Map i D editor, JOSM, Wiki Loves Monuments and others using portions of this data to improve or document physical spaces.

In this talk I will explain how I managed to automatically translate JTS to create a new version of JSTS that supersedes the old manual port with a more complete, correct and up to date implementation.

Links to project: https://github.com/bjornharrtell/jsts Speaker: Nils Hempelmann (Le Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement) Processing of climate data is often connected with big data processing, but a frequent problem is that users of the processing outcome are not optimally-equipped with appropriate hardware (computing and storage facilities) nor programming experience for software development to perform the processes themself.

It brings the functionality of JTS to the browser without having to make a roundtrip to a server which enables advanced spatial operations to web applications even in offline conditions and is, for example, used by Map Box as a significant part of

The initial effort to create JSTS was a long, arduous and manual process and has since lagged behind JTS missing crucial new bug fixes and features.

Resorting to additional manual porting effort was not in anyone's interest, it seems.

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