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Notes on geography Locals tend to see this as a string of separate towns, usually called by the name of the nearest S-train station, but there would not be much point in listing each of these separately in a travel guide, as each on its own has little to offer.

Visitors should be aware though, that the suburban nature of this district means that the attractions are far between, and it could take up to an hour in public transportation travelling between Albertslund and Solrød Strand for instance, the names of the "towns" are listed behind the addresses in the listings Vestegnen is a suburban district west of inner Copenhagen, Denmark, mostly build up during the 1970-80s.

Vestegnen is generally safe, but since it is mostly known for its ghetto-areas, with a high percentage of residents with low income, low education and an immigration-background, crime(more specific robberies and muggings, and rarely gang-wars) can occur more often than in Copenhagen and it would be advised to be aware of your surroundings and stay out of the ghetto-areas, especially at night.

If a group of people is trying to provoke you, ignore them and don't provoke back.

Expect bands mainly to be Danish bands, and theatrical performances in the Danish language, since none of these venues are really geared for tourists.

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