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Once there, she said, he pounded lagers and “was surprised nobody was coming up to him!” While that last part sounds suspicious because TV tells me Don Draper is impossibly smooth and everything that happens on it is true, the gender of this next source should really put things into perspective: Accompanied by fellow actor pals Jon Glaser and Eugene Mirman, Hamm hit on the female bargoers, according to Twitter user @crashnabula.

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Y., on Thursday, where he was accompanied by a statuesque blonde — again, not Westfeldt.

“He didn’t even really want to go out, but I convinced him,” she was overheard bragging at the bar on Monday.

I hope Kim Davis protests this whenever her retirement fund has reached it’s goal so she can leave jail.

UPDATE: Somebody informed me they weren’t actually married, but it was 18 years so whatever.

"With great sadness, we have decided to separate, after 18 years of love and shared history," the statement reads.

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