Dating i danmark Gribskov

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

It is Denmark’s biggest, a former royal hunting ground north of Copenhagen full of squirrels, deer and birds.It looks much as it must have done to the Danish kings centuries ago; an enchanting wild place full of ancient trees.

Which makes it deeply unsettling to walk through rustling leaves into a patch of 40 or so dead and dying trunks, most upright, some toppled; the diseased remains of what was only three years ago the biggest stand of healthy ash in a forest of beech and oak.

She is speaking from experience, after watching thousands of trees sicken and die in the past ten years.

The disease probably travels through the countryside at about 20 miles per year.

“We can’t see any point burning the trees, and you can’t burn the air,” Mrs Olrik, 40, added.

Scientists think they are an attempt by the ash to produce healthy growth once the main body of the tree is infected.

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