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He notes that some members of this dynasty even appeared in the famous poem "Beowulf." Archaeological research has revealed that Lejre appears to be a rich site.

In 1850, a hoard consisting of "four silver vessels, a whetstone, a weight, a necklace and a disk-shaped silver ingot" was found in the nearby hills, Christensen noted.

The most widely accepted theory about the date and place of composition of the Chronicon Lethrense is that of GERTZ (1918-22, 35f).

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The remains of the site, which is now called Vestervang, date from the late seventh to the early 11th centuries.

Finding such lavish goods at such a modest farm site poses a puzzle, the archaeologists said.

The Danish court is powerless to guard against the beast until the arrival of Beowulf, from the land of the Geats in modern-day Sweden, who kills Grendel and then descends under the sea and defeats the monster's mother.

Several pieces of Viking jewelry, some of which contain gold, have been uncovered at a farm site in Denmark that dates as far back as 1,300 years.

A monument 282 feet (86 meters) long made of rocks arranged in the shape of a ship was also reconstructed in later excavations.

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