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The menu is full of crêpes of all kinds with sweet and savory fillings. This is the secret recipe of this cocktail bar, which has a relaxed tone despite its upscale setting and also knows how to satisfy even the most discerning connoisseur with about 150 different cocktail variations. At the weekends the place launches into the clubbing ocean and nets party-hungry night owls with its glaring red illuminated sign that can be seen from far away. 13 13 35, Budget In this cozy local bar you can drink Tequila from the barrel or taste home-made bitters while listening to punk, surf or ska music. 25 54 84, yellow brick building looks rather off-putting from the outside, but first impressions are mightily deceptive in this case and don’t give any hint of what’s inside M20. 21 34 65Monkeys One of the Belgian quarter’s most popular bars. 4 85 56 69, 30The minute you go through the doors here on the 30th floor of the Köln Turms, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a cocktail lovers’ little paradise.

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The rich variety of cocktails have snappy names such as Weißer Hai (White Shark) or Sharkattack as well as the classic mixes, all promising a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Deutz, Kennedy-Ufer 2a (im Hotel Hyatt Regency Köln), Tel.

Altstadt-Nord, Neustadt-Nord, Brüsseler Platz 9, Tel. 51 79 70Harry´s New York Bar Cocktails and other alcoholic delights are served here in proper style from behind a 16 m long bar, accompanied by regularly changing live music. 2 80 60, Müller The world is in order in the heart of Cologne’s archetypal Severinsviertel, or as locals call it the “Vrings­veedel.’’ That’s especially true for this quiet and friendly bar-restaurant, which creates a feeling of well-being with its cozy terrace shaded by a large sycamore tree. 8 28 12 34, If you want a cozy place to meet friends for a drink.

The big beds in the basement are the icing on the cake. 0 163/5 05 05 89, For more than 20 years Kölsch beer, cider, wine and other nice drinks have been served in this traditional bar, accompanied by savory crêpes or sweet crêpes for dessert. 24 69 14, Bar Fiffi Bar has found a new home in southern Cologne but the decorative pictures of four-legged friends moved too and the pooches still watch the lively goings-on of the regulars from the walls, shelves or from the drinks menu, which includes cocktails named after comic book hounds like Rantanplan and Snowy or breeds such as Dalmatians. 2 61 71 32, Bar Traditonal bar culture is still enjoyed in the new In the new Friesen Bar. 0 171/­414 08 02, Yet another stylish bar has opened in north Cologne.

If you reserve one, nothing stands in the way of a relaxing evening drinking cocktails and listening to lounge music. There is regular live jazz music from October to April. In a dignified atmosphere, the experienced bartender creates great cocktails and long drinks, with accompanying music ranging from house to jazz. Guests enjoy on three floors a giant selection of cocktails and long drinks.

You can check out the ornate pink girl’s room, the Chinese exchange student’s room with a ping pong table or an old VW camper van that can be reserved as a private lounge for € 100. The Elektra with its live DJ and great cocktails is the perfect place to start a night out.

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