Dating 50 Haderslev

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

The Danes knocked out the three leading armoured cars, forcing them to pull back.

The Germans set up a 37 mm gun 300 meters away, but it only managed to fire one round before being knocked out by two rounds from a 20mm gun. Clausen the motorcycle troops set up a roadblock with two 20 mm guns while the remaining platoons spread themselves out in the woods. Their tanks pushed the roadblock aside and opened fire. The gunner attempted to run for cover in the woods but was killed when a German aircraft strafed the road. The Danes tried to escape on motorcycles In an encounter between Danish and German forces at Bredevad, 10 km north of the border, a German vanguard of four armoured cars approached the village. Not even having time to build a roadblock, they took cover in a garden and opened fire.

A German column appeared at , and the 20mm cannons opened fire on the armoured cars while the machine gun took aim at the motorcyclists.

A fire started in a nearby barn, filling the air with smoke and hindering the German's advance.

The Danes landed all three of their shots -one in a tank's tracks- but two of the gun crew were killed and the rest wounded. Just around the bend the wagon roadblock on Sønderbro Street covered by two 20 mm cannon and a machine gun put up resistance.

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