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The project is expected to have 5% rate of return for Europe.Underwater tunnels are either bored or immersed: tunnel boring is common for deepwater tunnels longer than 4 or 5 kilometres (3.1 mi), while immersion is commonly used for tunnels which cross relatively shallow rivers or harbours.Furthermore, Zealand is already connected with the Swedish coast via the Øresund Bridge.

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This route is known in German as the Vogelfluglinie and in Danish as the Fugleflugtslinjen (literally, "bird flight line", indicating this major bird migration route).

Fehmarn is already connected by bridge with the German mainland, and Lolland is already connected by a tunnel and bridges with Zealand over the island Falster.

Conventional dredging equipment can only reach to a depth of about 25 m.

To excavate the middle portion of the Fehmarn trench – deeper than 25 m below the water's surface – will likely require grab dredgers and trailing suction hopper dredgers.

On the German side, the road will be upgraded to four lanes and the railway to double track and, according to the treaty, paid by the German tax payers rather than by user tolls.

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