Burgas singles

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

My hobbys are the sport dances, old greek history and the mithology!

Meanwhile i love my morning coffe with 3 s ns sugger, and my biggest weakness...

Black Kite (single at the watchpoint on the 23rd) 29.

Steppe Buzzard (common in migrating flocks, mostly this form at the watchpoint on Sep 26th, 50 ; single photographed at Mandra-Dimchevo) 35. Whiskered Tern (two at Mandra Lake on 23rd and 24th) 65. Collared Dove(2 on Sep 23rd, 10 on Sep 24th at Dimchevo) 69. Pallid Swift (2 present daily near Hotel St George, Pomorie twon) 71.

Sparrowhawk (seen daily, both with eagle flocks and migrating at lower levels; 34 for the week) 36. White-winged Black Tern (3 at Mandra-Dimchevo on Sep 24th) 66. Hoopoe (single at Atanokovsko Lake on Sep 25th) 72. Bee-eater (flocks of 200 migrating at Atanokovsko on the 23rd and 100 at Mandra-Prisad on the same day, but only 10 left on the 24th and none on the 27th) 74.

Boghosyan (sometimes reported in Bulgarian media as Bohosyan) was born in Burgas to Aghasi and Elizabeth Boghosyan, both Armenians.

He studied in Business in Burgas majoring in Economics and Management. He is also interested in photography, martial arts and activities and is the President of "Младежки глас" (Youth Voice) Cultural Association.

I'm attractive, intelligent, attentive and very friendly.

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