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durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

He's regularly spotted hanging out with his pal David Beckham - inevitably allowing both of their four strong brood to become good friends as well.

How can we best contribute to confidence and stability? During your term in office, the ECB has saved the euro on two occasions. The crisis resulted in very difficult times for everyone.

In 2012, with €1 trillion in liquidity and that phrase “whatever it takes”, and since 2014 with quantitative easing (QE), the asset purchase programme. We have hopefully learnt the lessons and the economic policy agenda has been designed on the basis of those lessons.

Looking at Brexit, the US election and populism in general, is the international liberal democratic order at risk?

The key question is whether and how this will affect our European values and how we will go about in protecting these values?

There are house price increases in Milan, Barcelona and some German cities, but they are selective and limited to specific areas. Although asset purchases mean asset prices rise, one should never forget that the single biggest cause of inequality is unemployment.

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